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Yomojo Mobile
$19.90/30 days – No Contract – Unlimited Calls, Texts & 2Gb data!
Recommended on 7 News and we have used with good experience.
Uses Optus 4G Network
(Also offers cheap prepaid plans from $5/month)

Amaysim Mobile Unlimited uses Optus 4G network
$24.90/28 days – UNLIMITED CALLS & TEXTS & 1.5Gb Mobile Data
Unlimited international calls & texts to 10 countries!

Light Users:

Yomojo Mobile

11c/min calls,  9c/text & 5c/Mb with a $10 top up lasting up to 90 days. Works on the Optus 4G Network.

On Telstra 4G Network
Boost MobileUses Telstra 4G Network
$40/28 days – Unlimited calls, Texts & 5Gb data + 1Gb data each weekend
Unlimited calls & texts to 10 countries!

The best mobile deals are from smaller companies which use the same big mobile companies networks. (Amaysim uses the Optus Network.

Heavier user deals:
Does your Mobile Bill cost over $40/mth? If so you need to check out the plans below:

On Optus 4G Network:
Yomojo Mobile
$29.90/30 days – No Contract – Unlimited Calls, Texts & 3Gb data!
Recommended on 7 News and we have used with good experience.
Uses Optus 4G Network

(Also offers cheap prepaid plans from $5/month)

Amaysim Mobile Unlimited
Unlimited calls & texts & 7Gb Data for $39.90!
Contracts run for 28 days
no lock in contracts (discounts for new customers only via link above.)

Runs on Optus 4G network.
Multi-Award Winner- Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customers, Roy Morgan’s Customer Satisfaction Awards

On Telstra 4G Network

Boost Mobile
$40/28 days – Unlimited calls, Texts & 5Gb data
Extra 1Gb data each weekend
Unlimited calls & texts to 10 countries!
There are now many heavy mobile user plans on prepaid (no contract – so can change any time).

Best Unlimited Mobile Deals

CompanyPrice $Data (Gb)Calls ($)TextsDaysNotes
Vodafone 406UNLUNL30Vodafone

Compare low price prepaid deals

CompanyCalls (c/min)Texts (per text)Data (c/mb)recharge ($)Notes


iPad / Android Tablet Users- Best Mobile Data Plans:

Amaysim Mobile Broadband SIM
Get the cheapest deal on a Sim card for your iPad or android tablets to get mobile data.
1Gb data costs only $9.90/month (no contract) or you can pay 5c/Mb if you are a low user!
Compare that to your current provider.

Compare Mobile Companies

Boost Mobile

Uses Telstra

$40 over 28 days

Unlimited Calls & Texts & 25b Data!


$2 days

$2 for Unlimited calls, Texts & internet for that day. (No internet tethering, data only for use on mobile)

The expiry on the credit depends on the amount you recharge $10 lasts up to 10 days, $100 lasts up to 100 days.


Infinite Calls, Texts & social network access
Light User plans


Amaysim – Winner of Money Magazine Best of the Best 2013 for Mobile Calls

They have an Australian Call Centre!

This is one of the cheapest overall prepaid deal currently around at the moment if you make few calls.

On Optus Network

12c/min Calls

No Flagfall

12c National SMS

25c International SMS

7.2c/ Mb Data

FREE Social Media use

90 Day expiry

Recharge $15, 20, 30 & 50

Lebara Mobile

(Uses Vodafone Network)

International calls from your mobile from 1c/min.

OZ Landlines & Mobiles 15c per min
29c Flagfall
Free Lebara to Lebara Mobile calls for first 10 mins + 29c Flagfall
15c Worldwide SMS

90 days Credit expiry

International calls from your mobile from 0c/min

1300/1800 15c/min
Mobile Internet 1 Mb FREE then 5c/Mb
Top ups from $10

Check it out here



Tends to be very inconsistent with its pricing plans but seems to be cheap for international calls from your mobile

Get some deals on unlimited calls & texts but price could go up the following month!


Aldi Mobile

Aldi Mobile offers 2 plans:

1. Pay as you go Prepaid

Calls 12c/min
No Flagfall
TXTs 12c
Data 5c/Mb (You can also buy 2Gb Mobile Data Pack which lasts 30 days for $15)

365 day expiry period on credit

Packs available for $15 & $30 credit

Aldi’s prepaid pay as you go plan has to be one of the best prepaid deals around as there is no flagfall & the credit lasts 365 days

2. Unlimited Prepaid

How to transfer your mobile number to another mobile provider

  1. Find a new mobile provider.
  2. Enter your details online with your old phone number & account number if have it.
  3. Number will be transferred.

We have found if transferring within the same network eg Telstra provider to another Telstra Provider it can take longer than changing network to say Optus (which can just take a few hours). Make sure you call your new network if changing between the same network on different mobile companies to make sure it goes through normally.

There have been stories that if a large number of mobile users are transferring their numbers, the transfer process can take longer as there is only so much capacity in the system.


Mobile Coverage

Always check the coverage of the telco you are signing up to (be that low cost version of Telstra, Optus or Vodafone) as this is one of the commonest reasons for complaint to the telecoms ombudsman. If you are buying instore (most of the cheaper don’t have this option- saving you money) then ask the salesperson for coverage maps/details for the specific area you want to use your phone. This way if the coverage is poor or not what is expected you may even be able to get out of the contract due to incorrect advice given under consumer laws.


Ways to save on your mobile

There are a few cheats to save you money on your mobile phone calls.

Sometimes you are charged a hefty premium for phoning 1300 or 13 numbers on your mobile! Many new plans now include 1300 numbers in national call allowance (but check your provider)

To save you money on 1300 calls there is an app call 13Save App. It finds the national landline numbers instead of 13 & 1300 so they are cheap or even better included in your tariff. is another site where you can find these numbers online. These may not be the latest numbers you can use.

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