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1. Book it yourself.
If you need help with where to go on your next trip, the best thing its to do the research yourself. Ask friends or family, search on the web, read travel guide to find out what you need. Travel agents charge a commission, a booking fee or ask you for a deposit so you stop shopping around so you are better off doing it directly yourself and saving by skipping the middleman.
Useful webpages or or

2. Advance Purchase,
The best way to get the best price, specially when travelling peak time like chrismas, easter or school holidays, its to book with plenty of time.

3. Off peak travel
Its all about the game of offer an demand. If you are looking for the best price to get you to your favorite destination make sure you are traveling off peak. The difference in the price it can be as much as double!!

4. Direct booking
Try to always shop around with different airlines going to your destination and book with them directly.

5. Go Local.
You dont have to go far to see beautiful landscapes. It has been said that New Zealand looks very much like Scandinavia.. so why go all the way to Europe when you can visit the amazing places next door?

6. Flexibility is the key
Travelling the day before or after the day you intended might make a huge difference in the price. So why not try to see which day has the best deal. Here are some web pages that might help you with this: or

7. Check the rules
As a general rule keep in mind that the cheaper the price, the more restrictions you might have and viceversa so keep in mind that if you migh need to change the return the price you pay have a strong effect on this. Always read the rules even if you think you are not going to change it.

8. Accommodation bookings
Accommodation its usually the main cost of your holiday. So why not keep in mind how long you are going to stay and if you are going to use all the facilities a fancy hotel has to offer if you are just spending a night. Hostel offer not only dorm rooms but double rooms at very reasonable prices.

9. Apartment as an alternative
if your stay is rather long and you are taking your family with you the best way to go might be to rent an apartment. Making the facilities like kitchen, laundry etc will make your food expense go consideralby down. For this we can suggest a few web pages like ,,

10. Free stay
Its becoming more and more popular the home swapping system. You pay a registration fee and you could be swapping your place with any of the thousand of properties around the world. It is recommended you do this with up to one year in advance. Suggested web pages - or

11. The hidden value of package
To see the real cost of a travel package its to put the individual things offered and add it up to see if its a special deal after all. Check what includes like meals or transfers.

13 . Share your business
Once your hotel have your business its better to avoid those costly extras they offer like expensive laundry services and meals. At the end of the day, eating out its part of enjoying your holidays.

14. Travel light
Every kilo counts for the airlines these days, so to avoid that extra charge to take a check in item try to pack as light as possible.

15. Travel insurance
A must in almost every trip. But watch out for those travel insurance offered by travel agents as they are usually loaded with commissions. The best way to get a good deal ts to go directly to the insurer.