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One Big Health Insurance Switch
Big Health Insurance Switch is a new program run by One Big Switch who helped bring people together to help negiotiate a better deal on electrcity. This time they are working on getting a better deal for Health Insurance policies by allowing you to compare the best deal they can get on this.
Big Health Insurance Switch is currently signing people up for their programme via their email address and then they see what they can negiotiate with the health insurance companies. You don't have to take them up on their offer if you don't like their deal so there doesn't seem to be much to lose by signing up.
Always check the terms & conditions of the deal they negotiate as often you may need to sign up for a set contract like they did with their electricity deal.
If you are still interested in this then you can check it out here.
Compare Health Insurance policy prices
There are a range of ways to find the cheapest Health Insurance policies in Australia.

Current Deal: 

Better Bills offers the cheapest health policies & has BONUS CASHBACK on your health insurance premium by splitting the commission with you! Click the link to get this exclusive deal!

This could save you at least $80 on your premium (higher for large premiums)


Other Easy Comparison Tools 


You Compare


You can also use the government's Health Insurance Tool but the premiums are similar to Better Bills without the cashback! (To get the cashback you have to go throught the link above)

Frank Insurance seems to offer some of the cheapest insurance policies around for young people, followed by GMHBA

How to save on your Health Insurance?

There is a big range in prices so always check out the best deal with the above tools.

Policies increase in price each year and so it it worth trying to pay for a yearly plan for the whole year before 1st April of each year, when the prices go up.

Something to be aware of is that if you earn over $77,000 a year then it is worth signing up for a policy as you are charge a 1% Levy if you don't equal to about $770 of tax. If you find a policy under this price then you are saving yourself money.

Also if you want to avoid paying extra loading you should sign up to a policy before your 31st Birthday otherwise you will have to pay 2% loading each year after that! ie you pay a 20% loading on top of the standard rate if you are 40.

If you move/migrate to Australia you have until 1 year after you sign up to Medicare to avoid this fee, even if you are over 30.



It is often thought to be better to choose hospital & extras cover separately according to Choice Magazine. For example you may want top level hospital cover but only minimal extra cover. Also for extras think about whether it would be better to self insure.

You have to be aware of the gap payment when you caompre health insurance deals.

You need to make sure your insurance has agreements with the hospitals you are thinking of visiting to make sure your Gap payment is kept to a minimum.

Check to see if your policy includes ambulance cover if you need it in the state you live. For example Ambulance Cover in Queensland & Tasmania is covered by the state and in NSW/ACT the cover is included in hospital cover.


Pre-existing conditions there is a maximum waiting period of 12 months before you can make a claim.