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NAB Classic Banking

No Monthly Deposit requirements (unlike other big banks that require $2000/month deposited)
No monthly account fees, No ATM fees, Canstar 5 star rating
Are you paying a monthly fee for your transaction account? If you are STOP as you can get accounts with NO FEES as listed below.

The accounts listed below are some of the best deals currently available on bank accounts in Australia.


Citibank offer an excellent transaction account.
No ATM fees at Westpac, St Georges, Bank SA or Bank of Melbourne ATMs! (excludes any local charges by ATM operators)
You can even transfer money to other Citibank accounts around the world free!
No Monthly fees
No dishonour fee
Bank Cheques are free
NO FEES for INTERNATIONAL DIRECT PURCHASES (such as online purchases worldwide)! Other banks charge up to 3% of transaction value.
Comes with free debit card

NO monthly deposits
NO monthly fees
NO ATM fees
NO Overdrawn fees
FREE Visa Debit card
Canstar 5 star rating

No monthly fees
NO MONTHLY DEPOSIT requirements unlike most other big banks apart from NAB above.
It is an online account as it has no branches (however you can use Australia Post to make deposits & use other services).
Visa Debit Card.
A cash out bonus: take $200 or more out by eftpos and receive 50c bonus
ATM Rebate: Withdraw over $200 & they reimburse the ATM fee.

  • $0 monthly fee
  • $2000 minimum opening balance
  • No minimum ongoing balance required
  • Unlimited ATM transactions at almost 2,700 HSBC, Westpac, St.George and BankSA ^ branded ATMs nationally without incurring an ATM Operator Fee
  • The other banks have responded to this competition by finally offering no monthly fee account but most of them require you to pay in a set amount each month (up to $2000 a month!)

    BankWest Hero Account

    If you pay $2000 into your account each month you get a ZERO fee account
    Fee free Mastercard Debit card
    5% on balances up to $5000
    Unlimited free electronic transactions & free withdrawals at Bankwest & CBA ATMs
    Chequebook access.

    Westpac Choice Account

    $0 fee when you deposit at least $2000/month

    No ATM withdrawal fees at Westpac, St George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA

    No ATM withdrawal fees at 50,000 ATMs overseas with Global Alliance partner ATMs (foreign transaction fee applies)